I'm Dr. Nicole Holdman.

I'm the Founder & CEO of a rapidly growing system of Early Education Centers where we focus on providing high-quality early childhood care to underserved communities, while improving every students' future educational outcomes.

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My Education & Certifications

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My Work

I got into this work over 27 years ago as a teaching assistant at a local childcare facility and later moved on to become a  classroom teacher, then a curriculum writer, campus extended learning coordinator, and administrator.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned the importance of having a mentor or coach to support my professional growth. Many organizations operate under gate keepers which can be detrimental to your business.

But realizing I needed to learn how to truly run my business I began to get the knowledge I needed to run a successful business. This decision helped to change my business from  one childcare center to now a multi-location childcare business, serving over 500 families and employing over 75 employees.

By 2024 this number will grow to well over 1000 families being served throughout our centers and over 100 employees.

dr nicole holdan ph d

In order to grow my childcare business, I began building out processes to support the growth of not just an individual center but as it related to the whole company.

This could only be done with a change in mindset and the right professional guidance. Due to the gate-keeper effect within the childcare industry my main source of professional guidance came from business owners and mentors outside of the education and early childhood space.

Initially, knowing that I could not solicit other childcare owners’ support and advice was very upsetting for me, until I realized that many owners were also in the same boat as I was.

We were successful classroom teachers and campus leaders, who loved to educate our students, but somehow lacked the basic business knowledge to help us build, grow, and even scale our childcare businesses.

Because of this lack of knowledge and the difficulty in finding support we were all left stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to throw in the towel.

My Why

This has become my “Why” for starting the “Build, Grow & Scale Your Childcare Business Network” and becoming a childcare business strategist.

My goal is to support new and existing childcare owners by providing them with foundational business knowledge to sustain and grow their childcare business as well as connecting them with a network of like-minded owners and entrepreneurs to support their growth process.

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A starter package for people starting a new child care business.

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Let me help you find the perfect location for your chid care business.

New Center Application

Let me help you with the application to make sure you get approved.

Business Consulting

Get answers to any questions you have about opening and operating your child care business.

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A membership community to help people with their business.

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