How To Start & Grow A Profitable Childcare Business From Scratch

Learn How To Establish, Run, And Scale A Thriving Childcare Business From A Veteran Childcare Owner & Educator With 27 Years Of Experience

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you dream of starting your own childcare business but don’t know where to begin? Or do you already have a childcare business but struggle to scale it and make it profitable? If the answer to any of the questions was “YES”, then you are about to discover a solution to all your problems.
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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone It’s not a secret that almost all childcare business owners struggle with securing funding, complying with regulations, hiring and retaining staff, attracting customers, competing with other providers, or dealing with difficult parents or children. In an industry that is valued at $60.5 billion, standing out from the rest and building a business that survives and thrives can be quite a challenge. You may even feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged. Not anymore!
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Introducing “Build, Grow & Scale Your Childcare Business” By Dr. Nicole Holdman

Created to help childcare business owners like you overcome obstacles and avoid costly mistakes, “Build, Grow & Scale Your Childcare Business” is a comprehensive course that will answer all your questions, walk you through the whole process, and help you get one step closer to your dreams.

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Why Choose This Course?

Expert Guidance

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, a Master’s in Educational Curriculum and Instruction, and a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice as well as Texas Teacher Certifications in Early Education, Special Education, school administration, and English as a Second Language, Dr. Nicole Holdman has the experience and expertise required to help you thrive.

Step-By-Step Strategies

By the end of this eye-opening course, you will understand how to plan, launch, and run your childcare business – even if you have zero experience. With proven strategies on how to market and grow your business, and expert advice on managing your finances, staff, and customers, you will gain that necessary edge to succeed in a hyper-competitive industry.

A Supportive Community

Join the FREE Facebook group and access a supportive community of like-minded childcare owners who share their insights, concerns, advice, and experiences. Connect with aspiring business owners on the same path as you, and learn from their challenges and successes. Ask questions, get feedback, and find inspiration and empowerment from Dr. Nicole and other members.

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About The Founder & CEO

Dr. Nicole Holdman is not just an experienced educator or a successful business owner; she is a visionary leader who, through hard work, managed to turn her passion into a thriving network of Early Education Centers. From a teaching assistant in a local childcare facility in 1996, to a classroom teacher, to a mentor for new business owners, Dr. Nicole’s journey has been characterized by her dedication, passion, and commitment to children, fellow childcare business owners, and her community.

Start Building, Growing & Scaling Your Childcare Business


What You Will Learn:

In this course, you will have access to tested and proven strategies tailored to the challenges you face on a daily basis, including:

Mastering Regulatory Challenges: take all the fuss and guesswork out of navigating regulations and licensing, avoid common pitfalls, and enjoy a seamless experience.

Assembling A Stellar Team: learn how to identify, hire, and retain talented professionals who share your vision and add value to your business.

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Attracting Families: develop powerful marketing strategies that resonate with families even on a tight budget, boost enrollment, and build long-lasting partnerships.

Running Your Business: streamline processes and systems for efficient day-to-day operations. Discover the five key components of a successful childcare program.

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Managing Your Finances Like A Pro: gain insights into budgeting, pricing, and revenue streams to ensure long-term sustainability. Understand how to make data-driven decisions that positively affect your business.

Building A 7-Figure Business: discover how to expand your business without compromising quality. Understand how to foster a positive environment, lead, and inspire your team and families.

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