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New Center Application Development

I will assist individuals aspiring to become childcare center owners by guiding them through the New Center Application Development process. I’ll help you navigate the intricacies of licensing, regulations, and permits, ensuring that your center meets all the necessary legal requirements.

Additionally, I can provide expertise in creating a comprehensive business plan, outlining your vision, budget, and operational strategies to increase your chances of success and securing funding for your childcare center. Together, we’ll develop a strong application that showcases your commitment to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children.

Face to Face onsite session are available for an additional trip charge, please email directly for more information regarding this service.

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Career Educator and Business Coach

My goal is to support new and existing childcare owners by providing them with foundational business knowledge to sustain and grow their childcare business as well as connecting them with a network of like-minded owners and entrepreneurs to support their growth process.
dr nicole holdan ph d
dr nicole holdman phd

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New Center Owner

A starter package for people starting a new child care business.

Program Site Selection

Let me help you find the perfect location for your chid care business.

New Center Application

Let me help you with the application to make sure you get approved.

Business Consulting

Get answers to any questions you have about opening and operating your child care business.

Childcare Owner Membership

A membership community to help people with their business.

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